Lakewood residents are shocked at how fast this kickboxing program melts away fat, and gets you in incredible shape!

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Lakewood men and women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are losing 3-5
pounds in the first 7 days alone
- while learning self-defense and
having a TON of fun!

Here's how we get you such awesome results, and how you
can get started as early as today!

#1: Our 3-Part Fat Loss Formula

We combine cardio, resistance, and interval training to give you the most fat-melting workout possible. Individually, each of these forms of exercise is powerful.

Combine all three... and you've got one heck of an awesome, fat-burning workout.

Come see for yourself ;-)

#2: Incredible Stress Relief

There is nothing... NOTHING... more
stress-relieving than hitting a punching bag.

Whether you're coming to kickboxing class after a long day of work... or you've been dealing with the kids and the spouse all day and need a break… as soon as you get started the stress will ooze away.

Plus, its a well-known scientific fact that intense exercise relieves stress in every area of your life. Feel calm and peaceful as you go about your day. And watch as situations and people that used to stress you out become easy to handle!

#3: Powerful Self-Defense

It feels comforting to know you can handle yourself. Especially if you ever find yourself walking around or being out at night. However, after just a few classes, your confidence in your ability to defend yourself will skyrocket.

And that confidence will be backed by skill and technique.

You'll quickly master how to kick and
punch in the most effective way.

#4: Skyrocket Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

It feels GOOD to look in the mirror and love what you see. If everyday you look in the mirror.. and see things you don't like... that negative energy carries into every area of your life.

But imagine if you looked in the mirror, and got a rush of excitement at how good you look.

Imagine how that positive energy would fill your day - and how you would bring it to others too.

It could happen - and very quickly too. In fact, I see people feeling better and better about themselves every week with our kickboxing classes.

You can accomplish this too! Its just a matter of showing up,
and following our fun classes.

“I'm simply amazed at how fast I'm losing weight.”

This program is for real. First off, it is FUN! I mean a LOT of fun! Its actually addicting. I crave it. On kickboxing days my body just knows and all day I'm excited for it.

Second, I never imagined how good losing weight would feel. My energy is up, I'm fitting into clothes I haven't in years, and I feel sexy again. That's priceless. I mean, I read about this stuff - but its different when you're actually LIVING it.

Thank you guys for putting together such an awesome program. It's truly a piece of art.


~ Jessica L.

Fitness Kickboxing Student

“The funnest way to lose weight and get in shape.”

Fitness Kickboxing Testimonial

Between the amazing staff who are extremely supportive, the awesome people taking the class who smile at me and help keep me motivated, and the amazing feeling that comes from a fun, full-body work out...

This has to be the funnest thing ever. Seriously. I laugh and smile through every class, AND I'm losing weight.

In fact, every week I step on the scale and I'm a few pounds lighter, and closer to my goal.

THANK you!

~ Cassidy H.

“ 4 pounds in 7 days!”

I started this program a week ago, and have already lost 4 pounds. The only things I've changed in my life are joining this program, and making a few nutritional changes to what I eat. Nothing big - I didn't go on a crazy diet or anything.

Just from those two things, I've already lost 4 pounds, and I can feel even more weight coming off of me.

Can't wait to see the scale next week :-)

~ Kerri F.

Fitness Kickboxing Classes In Lakewood CO

“20 pounds gone in the first 2 months!”

Fitness Kickboxing Classes

After trying tons of diets... exercise tapes... gyms... meditations... and a million other things... I wish I had just done this from the start.

It's so simple. You don't have to think about it. You show up, you do the workout, you go home. Then, you look at the scale every few days or so - and you see the number going down and down and down. That's it. No rocket science. No books. No counting calories or anything complicated like that.

Do yourself a favor and stop trying to make all these crazy diets and things work. Just show up for class and let the professionals take care of the rest. I'm so glad I did.

~ Ivan P.

“Honestly, its just a really fun way to lose weight”

I used to have this image of kickboxing as a really hard thing that only super-athletic people could do... I'm so glad my friend convinced me to try it out, because I was so wrong!

Sure, it was a little awkward at first to learn the moves - but I learned them really quickly, and now I don't even think about it.

I also used to think it was really violent. I mean, you're learning how to fight, right? Well, honestly its just a really fun way to lose weight. You're learning self-defense, but really above all else its just a really engaging way to lose weight. The class is so fun you forget you're even getting a workout!

~ Gabriela H.

Fitness Kickboxing Programs

“If I can do this, anyone can!”

Fitness Kickboxing Workouts

I've had some back and leg problems throughout my life, so I wasn't sure if I could do kickboxing. It seems like such a high intensity workout that I didn't think I could do it with my leg and back pain.

Well, something in my gut told me to just show up and give it a try... I'm very thankful I did. The instructors are so supportive. They help you go at a level that's just right for you - while gently pushing you to always do better.

And, amazingly enough, my leg and back pain is simply gone. I think the new flexibility I've gained, plus all the weight I've lost, has healed whatever was going on. I don't know how it works - I just know it did.

~ Steve H.

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What is Aerobic Kickboxing in Lakewood?

Aerobic kickboxing is a sport-specific equipment-based exercise program created by Frank Thiboutot at The Bay Club in Portland, Maine in 1992 as “Cardio Kickboxing”. The original circuit training format was developed to help promote the sport of kickboxing through kickboxing for fitness.

The techniques used during the one-hour classes, using conventional heavy bags and training pads, are based on authentic kickboxing techniques which provide both resistance training and cardiovascular benefits to its participants. This is further explained in his book, Cardio Kickboxing Elite. “Cardio Kickboxing” is a registered U.S. trademark, #1,890,451, 1995.

Most aerobic kickboxing classes begin with light stretches and a cardio warm up. Typical routines include a series of repetitive punches, hand strikes, kicks and other self-defense moves.