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Lakewood Martial Arts Summer Camp For Kids

Martial Arts Camp:
The Fun, Enriching
Camp Kids Love
So Much...

... their parents have to
drag them away just to
get them home!

But it's not just fun & games. Kids also walk
away with powerful, life-improving lessons.

Karate Camp
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Exercise is such a crucial part of a healthy child's life.

First, it helps them build habits and fond memories around exercise that will stick with them for life. That way they naturally make exercise part of their lives as adults.

And second, it relieves stress, helps keep them calm, prevents diabetes and other weight-related conditions in children, and so much more.

Plus, when done right, it's a ton of fun. That's why we make sure your child gets a healthy dose of exercise in every session.

Martial Arts and Fitness

Positive Praise & Encouragement

Your child will receive tons of positive support
We'll push your child to do their best, and
motivate them when challenges arise.

In short, we'll help them believe in
- so your child can
accomplish great things here at
camp... and great things in
their everyday life.

Summer Camp Students

Leadership Skills

Martial arts teaches discipline, focus, respect, attentiveness, and diplomacy. It teaches children to think things through... to show courtesy to everyone around them... and to stand up for what's right.

Martial arts also teaches peace. We show kids that violence is only a last resort. Kids learn to talk things out, and come to an understanding with one another.

In short, they learn the makings of a true leader.

Games and Skills

A Ton of Fun

And last but not least... what's camp without tons of fun? Your child will be enveloped in fun games, unique activities, group exercises that teach teamwork, and so much more.

Every moment is packed with something fun, educational, and exciting. Your child will have the time of their life.

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